core values


Faith-filled prayer is the key to unleashing the supernatural power of God in our lives and in the lives of those with whom we are involved. We believe that prayer is one of the most important values we have as a church.

People Matter

We really care about people. Nothing means more to us than helping others enter into a relationship with God.


We value Biblically relevant and applicable preaching and teaching. We also recognize that this type of preaching and teaching is a primary catalyst for transformation in people's lives.


We value the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The church should function as a body with each one using his or her gifts with humility and submission. We use our gifts to serve others in order effectively impact the culture of the community and the culture of the church for the Kingdom of God.


We value glorifying God. We value the experience of worship,  and the practice of worship, as a corporate lifestyle and an individual lifestyle.


We value spiritual leadership. We believe  that every leader's main role is to be a spiritual leader in their family and in their church.