adult ministry

  • Christian Heirs

    [John Bell, Instructor]

    Christian Heirs meets every Sunday morning to study a variety of topics that help us connect more with God's word in a relevant way.

  • Two-Sum Class

    [Dave McGregor, Instructor]

    The Two-Sum class uses David C. Cook curriculum. Currently the class is studying, "Acts of Worship: Old and New Testament".

  • Covenant Fellowship Class

    [Mike MacDermaid, Instructor]

    Covenant Fellowship is a multi-generational adult class that meets weekly to primarily study books of the Bible - reading and discussing what the scripture means and how it relates to us and our lives.  However, occasionally they will take on topical studies as well!

  • Immerse

    What do you think about when you hear the word, "IMMERSE"? Webster’s dictionary defines IMMERSE, “to plunge into.” Pastor Chris Radcliffe, along with a team of teachers, will launch us into a variety of topics (think marriage, parenting, spiritual healing, etc.), as we plunge into God’s word, experiencing practical and Biblical teaching that will impact our everyday lives.