local missions

FBC has the honor of partnering financially, praying for, and serving a number of local ministries, which seek to proclaim the Gospel, encourage and speak life into people wherever they are in life. Some of the ministries we support are:  Carriage Town Ministries, Camp Lael, Camp Lake Louise, Family Life Radio 99.7 & 99.9, Outreach East, Smile FM 88.1 & 99.1, St. Andrews Food Program

  • carriage town ministries

    Far more than "just" a shelter, CTM provides vital life training and education.  Our clients are given a Personal Success Plan (PSP) that helps them establish not just goals, but also a plan for achieving those goals.  Every person we serve has a unique story and unique set of needs.  Our prayer is for great change to take place in the hearts and lives of all who come to CTM.


  • outreach east

    Outreach East is a non-denominational, walk-in, year-round emergency resource center dedicated to assisting area individuals and families with food and other essentials. Established in 1990, Outreach services Goodrich, Davison, and Otisville, Michigan.

    Supported by the generosity of the community through local individuals, churches, businesses and clubs, Outreach East is able to reach out and help meet some of the basic needs of area families.


  • camp lake louise

    Camp Lake Louise strives to provide fun, relevant, and impactful camps.  Their goal is to provide tailored programming while maintaining a Biblically-based, Christ-centered approach to everything they do. They offer camps not only for youth, but also for families, adults, persons with special needs and more.


  • camp lael

    Camp Lael is located in southeastern Michigan on eighty acres of rolling meadows and woodland on the shores of beautiful Skinner Lake.  Their vision is...

    • To provide a place where people can discover Christ, grow and share their faith, make decisions for ministry, and learn to give to the community.
    • To offer camping experiences for youth with an emphasis on God and creation.
    • To extend programs and accommodations for inter-generational use that meet today's needs.
    • To preserve and protect the natural beauty of God's creation.
    • To become a premier Christian Education Center for the 21st century


national missions

FBC has the honor of partnering financially, praying for, and serving a number of national ministries, which seek to proclaim the Gospel, encourage and speak life into people wherever they are in life. Some of the ministries we support are:  Kodiak Baptist Mission, Habitat For Humanity, Our Daily Bread Ministries, America For Christ, ABC United Missions

  • America for Christ

    The America for Christ Offering is the American Baptist response to the needs of home missions within and beyond the local congregation in witness and service for Christ as mandated by the Great Commission.


  • our daily bread ministries

    At Our Daily Bread Ministries we trust in God above all else, and rely on His wisdom and strength to guide our ministry.  Our mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.


  • kodiak baptist mission

    Kodiak Baptist Mission is situated on 30 beautiful acres on Kodiak Island.  Programs are directed to:  Prevention, Enabling children to make positive choices and decisions, Providing opportunities to establish a spiritual foundation for their lives, assisting families to live, work and grow together in Christ.  Called by God, our purpose is to improve the quality of life of children and their families by ministering to their unmet physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs, by following the example set forth in the life of Jesus Christ.


international missions

As a church, we invest in God's mission across the globe through a number of organizations and missionary families. We unite in prayer, financially, and at times we are able to provide physical support through mission trips and/or gathering goods and supplies to ship overseas.  Here's some ways you can invest in God's mission with us:

  • son international

    Missionaries working with SON International serve  neighbors through community development initiatives, by sharing the love of Jesus Christ while establishing relationships, educating, and improving the standard of living for those that are unreached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to open doors for the Gospel to all who will listen, while Serving Our Neighbor.


  • send international

    About 1/3 of the world’s population lives outside the reach of the local church—they have no opportunity to hear the gospel. SEND International, an evangelical mission, mobilizes missionaries to engage them with the gospel and establish reproducing churches.


  • okipe

    Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.  La Gonave is an island, about 10 miles by 30 miles in size, where approximately 120,000 Haitians reside. Many years ago, La Gonave was used as the place where “undesirables” were sent from the mainland… criminals, the sick, the elderly…  Haiti is poor and broken… La Gonave became the place one could find “the least of these”.

    Today, a new story is unfolding…  One of these stories is taking place in a small orphanage called, “The Jesus Home for Children of La Gonave”.  You can be a part of this story today!  Together, we can help give “the least of these” a future and a hope.